Cooee Adjustable Foot, the accessory that's about to revolutionize the way you roll.

Absorbs Noise


Bleach Cleanable

Easy Clean

Easy Install

Product Specifications


Now, we know you love the mobility of your Cooee Mobile Wall, but sometimes you need it to chill out and stay in one place. That's where the Cooee Adjustable Foot comes to the rescue, giving you the option for a stationary foot that keeps your wall steady as a rock.

Now, we know you'll have questions, concerns, and late-night ponderings about whether your Cooee Wall can still glide across that plush carpet of yours. Well, fear not! Our Adjustable Foot, or as it’s often called in market, the "glides,” glides like a champ, effortlessly cruising across any surface, be it carpet or hardwood.

Sold individually, these adjustable feet seamlessly attach using the same holes as the casters. Transform your mobile wall into a rock-solid powerhouse effortlessly. It's like giving your trusty sidekick an unshakable anchor, ensuring it stays put and doesn't go wandering off.

And let's not forget our educational and healthcare heroes out there. It's all about providing rock-solid stability in those fast-paced environments. Whether you're teaching a class, running a meeting, or taking care of patients, the Cooee Adjustable Foot will keep your mobile wall firmly grounded, so you can focus on what really matters.

Made In USA

3" (76mm) w x 3" (76mm) h x 3" (76mm) d

Powder Coat

Anodized Silver, Bengal White, Denim, Fern, Gunmetal, LT Grey, Marigold, Matte Black, Spice, Tango, Teal, Terracotta


Density 0.5 lb/ft² 2.4 kg /m²


Steel + Powder coat finish

Plastic adjustable foot

Fire Rating

ASTM-E84 – Class A classification
AS ISO 9705 – 2003 – Group 1 classification
EN-13501 – B-s2-d0 classification


5-year warranty.

Lead Time

6-8 weeks

Assembly & Delivery

Flat pack delivery, minimal assembly required.

See installation instructions for detail.

How to Specify

1. Select Powder coat color

2. Select Quantity (sold as set of 4)

Care Instructions

Dab func. with a damp clean cloth and mild solution of liquid detergent and warm water. Repeat using only clean water, then pat dry with a lint free cloth.

For difficult stains, use a solution of household bleach (10% bleach / 90% water).

To remove the bleach, repeat using a clean, water dampened cloth, then pat dry.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first and if you don’t see the expected results, contact us.

Additional Comments

To see how vivid the colors truly are, it's easy to request a sample through the "Request information" button on this page, or you can ask for one from your local sales guru


1 Powder coated Adjustable Foot