Cooee Collaboration Wall stop fighting for real estate on one Big Whiteboard, perfect when everyone wants to explain themselves. 4 Small Whiteboards.


Absorbs Noise

Easy Install

Easy Clean

Bleach Cleanable


Product Specifications


Why stop at one whiteboard when you could have four, on each side.

The Cooee Collaboration Wall has four erasable and magnetic Small Whiteboards, four Hooks, plus a Short Tray to hold markers. The whiteboards are perfect when everyone wants to explain themselves. It saves having to fight for real estate on one Big Whiteboard.

The lightweight internal frame is complemented by a steel base and lockable casters, so that its strong, stable, and maneuverable. Superior noise reduction is achieved with the combination of sustainable, sound absorbing PET and a noise blocking membrane.

It is the mobile wall your team will ask for.

func., Cooee Walls are easily cleaned with bleach and water

Made In USA

47.5" (1207mm) w x 78.5" (1994mm) h x 15" (380mm) d

Powder Coat

Anodized Silver, Bengal White, Denim, Fern, Gunmetal, LT Grey, Marigold, Matte Black, Spice, Tango, Teal, Terracotta.

PET Colours

24 Colors – Bark, Brick, Cadet, Chambray, Cobalt, Ecru, Fossil, Frost, Grass, Greige, Ivory, Linen, Malachite, Mandarin, Midnight, Ochre, Olive, Pebble, Pewter, Sky, Slate, Smoke, Sunshine, Tar.

4 Timber Prints - Eucalyptus, Iron bark, Merbau, Spotted Gum.


Density 0.5 lb/ft² 2.4 kg /m²

  • 60% post-consumer recycled PET bottles.

  • 35% pre-consumer recycled content from PET chips

  • 5% bio-based Polylactic Acid (PLA)

  • Accessories: Steel + PET insert/liner with powder coat finish

Fire Rating

ASTM-E84 – Class A classification
AS ISO 9705 – 2003 – Group 1 classification
EN-13501 – B-s2-d0 classification


5-year warranty.

Lead Time

6-8 weeks

Assembly & Delivery

Flat pack delivery, minimal assembly required.

See installation instructions for detail.

How to Specify
  • Select 1 x PET Color

  • Select 1 x Powder Coat Finish

  • Refer Product Specification Guide

Care Instructions

Remove spills immediately using a clean damp cloth or soap and water. Polyester carpet and fabric cleaners can be used - always test an inconspicuous area first. A stain-repellent coating is available for additional protection. To disinfect, bleach can be used in accordance with CDC cleaning and disinfection instructions. (Solution ratio is 5 tablespoons of bleach to 1 Gallon (3.7 ltr) of water or 4 teaspoons of bleach per quart (0.95 ltr) of water. Spray apply the solution as a mist and wipe-off surface moisture.

Additional Comments

To see how vivid the colors truly are, it's easy to request a sample through the "Request information" button on this page, or you can ask for one from your local sales guru


Mobile wall with 2 cups, 8 hooks, 8 small whiteboards