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Sculpting silence: func's acoustic innovation reshapes Mt Cottick's echo-filled industrial space into a stylish and acoustically sound showroom.

Project Overview

Originally founded in 1950 as the local “shop” for mechanical repairs, this family business has transformed under the helm of Matt Cottick into a company synonymous with excellence in commercial furniture.

Housed in a raw, echo-filled industrial space, the vision for the new showroom was to create an inviting, functional & acoustically sound space that showcases a wide array of commercial furniture products.

Project Vision and Design

Matt’s background in high-end office furnishings, combined with the desire to bring a more accessible, yet stylish approach to commercial furniture and fit-outs laid the groundwork for this project.

From a brand representation point of view, the vision was to create a showroom that reflects MT Cottick's core values of quality, innovation, and modernity, to leave every visitor with a lasting ‘aha’ moment. As such, the synergy with the func. brand was a natural alignment. The showroom features numerous func. products that push the boundaries of traditional office spaces that can lack inspiration and flexibility. Our Cooee Biophilia and Louver walls, as well as the Alinta mobile wall, feature center stage in the showroom, demonstrating firsthand their ability to balance light and sound internally, while bringing the outside in. They provide clients an immersive environment where products can be experienced in a design-forward way.

Aesthetically, the vision for the showroom drew inspiration from the nautical elements of the surrounding lake country. func.’s signature PET color Midnight therefore became the hero hue for the showroom.

Acoustic Enhancement

Acoustics played a crucial role in the transformation, given the challenge presented by the showroom’s cavernous echo chamber of hard surfaces.

The task was to improve:

  1. Communication – ease and clarity of client and product presentations

  2. Customer experience - create a comfortable environment to explore the products and engage with the team without disruptions caused by poor acoustics

  3. Functional Elegance, where acoustic solutions seamlessly integrated into the overall design

  4. Demonstrate effective solutions to acoustic challenges using func. products under the consultation of func.’s Acoustics Manager Will MacGavin

Acoustic Goals and Results

func.’s expertise in sound management and innovative solutions ensured that the acoustic challenges in the showroom were effectively addressed, including reverberation time, sound reducing surfaces, and a reduction in flutter echo.

The result of the showroom’s transformation is that it represents a strategic move to secure a competitive edge in the commercial furniture industry, with the assurance of a visually stunning, acoustically optimized environment, with.

  • Less Reverb

  • Lower Noise Levels

  • Better Acoustics

If you have a similar project, or would like to learn more about the acoustic transformation and results featured here, please get in touch.

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