Cooee The Next Evolution

We’re excited as func. to introduce the next evolution of office awesomeness.

Our newly expanded award-winning Cooee Collection now offers even more space changing options than ever before. 

We’ve added new desking solutions, mobile wall options, collaborative whiteboards and a vast array of eye-popping accessories that work together seamlessly so you can mix, match, pick and choose elements to create workspaces that respond to the needs of you and your crew, 100% of the time. 

With a killer array of color options – from the wonderfully vibrant to the down-right elegant – you can develop a consistently beautiful design aesthetic across an entire office, without compromising on inspiration OR functionality. 

Double-down on practicality with our tool rail system that allows teams to personalize mobile walls and desking screens with accessories that keep every little thing organized just so. 

From thriving hubs of collaboration to quiet harbors of singular focus, we can help you develop hyper-useful spaces that up the ante on workplace fun, functionality and productivity. 

Desking Solutions

Our expansive range of desking solutions can be tailored to suit the exact needs of your space and your people.   

Whether you’re starting fresh or retro-fitting existing tables or standing desks, select from our range of desking screens, hoods, wings and dividers to create individual workspaces that are an oasis of calm in any open plan space.

Mobile Walls 

Let’s face it... size always matters. Everyone is looking for that ‘goldilocks’ – just right – solution, so we’ve expanded our award-winning Cooee Mobile Wall range. 

Cooee Walls now come in three sizes: 

  1. the OG Cooee Wall 

  2. plus the new Cooee Three Quarter Wall  

  3. and Cooee Half Wall 

Available in a wide variety of colors, all walls come with tool rails that allow you to accessorize your Cooee Wall to perfectly suit your needs. And because we know you’re a little power hungry, there’s a power option, so you’ll never need to scramble looking for an outlet again. 

Collaborative Whiteboards & Wallboards 

Let the ideas flow! Our new range of Collaborative Whiteboards and Wallboards provide the ultimate blank canvas for an uber-creative, all-in effective brainstorm. 

And when things get rowdy, we’ve got you covered. Cooee Acoustic Whiteboards feature patent pending technology to absorb sound and optimize acoustics. With an NRC rating of up to 0.65 and a huge range of configuration options, it’s game on. Just stand by and watch your team let loose their pent up super-concepts.  


Fun, functional and gorgeously vibrant, our new range of accessories can be mixed, matched and seamlessly used across the whole Cooee Collection. 

Bring on the bling with accessories including plant holders, hooks, bins, cable management systems – and many, many more – to organize, personalize and streamline the way your space looks AND functions. 

Get clicking and check out how you can take your workspace to a func.ier new level. 

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