Cooee Mobile Walls Media Release

Cooee, by func., is a cleverly designed product that works both for mobile space division and acoustics — reducing the noise and defining space in increasingly open offices.

The range won a gold award at this year’s Neocon for Acoustic Partitions and we are excited to announce that we’re now available for purchase through our independent rep groups. Currently, four rep groups covering Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Michigan and Wisconsin represent the func. brand and more are being added.

People have been drawn back into the office since the start of the year, and it’s all been for the same reason — workers miss the loss of contact, culture and human interaction. And yet the office of yesterday doesn’t facilitate these connections. Workers want fun, functional spaces that are flexible and adaptable, with furniture that enhances existing spaces and can be easily changed to meet future needs at the drop of a hat.

Afterall, no one quite knows what work is going to look like, even in a few years’ time, says Cheryl Falbo, VP of Sales, North America at func.. But we do know that we’re going back to work to make noise.

“We're not going back to be quiet. We're not going back to do our expense reports. We can do those anywhere. We're going back to engage. We're going back to see our peers and find out about new ideas, to create, to co-create, and do all that we've been missing for two and a half years. That's what we're going back to do,” she said. “And all of those activities involve making noise.” Cooee is the answer to all that and more.

Cooee can be used to create a myriad of spaces like quiet areas, individual workspaces, co-working hubs, breakout zones, video call backdrops, meeting areas and eating nooks, to name just a few. The Cooee frame comes in 12 powder coated colors and the acoustic material comes in a choice of 24 colors, plus four timber prints, which lets designers mix and match to create the perfect look. You can even add power for screens and to plug in computers and mobile devices.

Cooee ships quickly from our Dallas hub and is simple to assemble.

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