Walking the sustainability talk

Hell yeah, we LOVE our planet – and we’re not satisfied with just talking about protecting it, we’re 100% committed to action.

We ensure every part of func.’s design and manufacturing process – and all our materials – are as sustainable as humanly possible. And as technology advances, we’re committed to harnessing new and emerging techniques to ensure our products continue to meet and exceed global sustainability standards.

Right now at func.:

  • All PET used in our walls and screens is made from 100% recyclable materials that are Red List Free. This includes 60% post-consumer recycled  PET bottles, 35% pre-consumer recycled PET chips and 5% PLA polylactic acid (a bio-based material).

  • All PET in our products has low levels of VOCs, is free from formaldehyde, and has a Class A fire rating and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.45 – 0.90.

  • Manufacturing in the USA minimizes transport and reduces our carbon footprint.

  • We recycle and repurpose offcuts, using them as part of our product packaging.

  • Our products are built to exacting standards and are made to last, minimizing replacement. And, when you no longer need them, we’ll gladly help you recycle or donate them.

When you create the space you want with func., you can be happy knowing it’s safe for you, your team and our planet.